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Japan Tour Update

majksjuk_sJAPAN TOUR goes on!

It has been such a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple of days.
As some of you might have heard, our guitarplayer/singer and founder Micke Blomqvist broke his leg real bad on sunday. It broke right through the bone, in 4 different places and he has gone trough 2 different surgeries.

We have been completely devastated since our second tour of Japan was coming up this week. It felt hopeless. And we felt so bad for Micke. The rest of us, Ernie, Dadde and Bonni, had more or less decided that there was no other way than to cancel the Japan tour, but had to consider all the hard work our friends in Japan had done to get this tour together, as well as all the people who have been waiting for our return. So, with Micke's blessing, we are still doing the tour!!

It's feels weird to do the tour without Micke, we will miss him every second, and we know how much Micke was looking forward to all this. We are gonna do our absolute BEST to bring our japanese friends great gigs anyway, with the help from our friend Erik Jonsson(Frost, ex-Deny), who will fill in on guitar. We are thankful that he can do this on such short notice! 

We all wish Micke to heal fast, so we can rock mot svinen together when the rest of us return home! We have a US tour coming up in May-June remember??!

We will miss you, kompis!

So, Japanese punks, see you soon.