Some leftover photos

Don’t mess with Asta

We were the special guests at the Beerland day show on friday and it was time for our last gig on the tour. Beerland is a small tiny venue, but with a great sound. We mixed up the set list a bit and played songs we had not played on the tour so much to make it special for everyone who had seen us already, maybe we should have done that more because it was a really fun gig and a good end to the tour I think. Afterwards we spent the rest of the night partying with all our friends and saw some bands at Emo’s, I think Autopsy killed it! The day after me and Ernie went to see The Marked Men play at Beerland and they were fantastic. Both of us got chills down our spine when they played. Since the heat was killing us we tried to stay hydrated by drinking lots of beer and margaritas. We tried to find time to hang out with all our friends we have made on this tour, and it brought both laughter and tears to us saying goodbye to Alan – the man, and everyone else. I also had the time to watch some bands, and I finally got to see Spazm 151, a band I’ve been wanting to see since their first 7″. I also catched our friends in Origin of M and the mighty Doom. The only downside of big fests like Chaos in Tejas is that there are too many friends and too little time and I don’t feel like I’ve had the time to really hang out with everyone that I wanted to… So friends, if you read this; you have to come visit us sometime soon instead!

// Dadde

All in all, the tour was a blast and a good experience for Asta Kask, we have made new friends and new fans and seen alot of really cool places – and of course made some kick ass shows.

It’s more or less impossible for us to list everyone that has been working hard for us on this tour but here is a small list of people who have made it into the Asta Kask hall of fame:

Timmy, Alan, Ken Prank Records, Lydia, Yannick, Jack Control, Jack Barfield, Poison Idea, Brian Hopper, Jenn Ready, Ethan, Keith and Black Water HQ, Adam the pizza delivery guy, Skell an Cara, Phil and Randee and the rest of the Geck Family, Mat and Monster Squad, The Arcata garage punks, Robert Collins, MRR, Jello Biafra, Nicole and George, Denise and the Swedish crew, Dale and wife, Frustration, Burning Leather, Hellshock, Arctic Flowers, Germ Attak, Daniel and Holokaust, Extortion, the Wild//Tribe boys, The Marked Men, Slowmotions, Origin of M, Logan and the CIT crew, and of course everyone else who made this tour so good; the organizors, the people at the shows, the other bands, people who fed us, gave up their homes, bought some merch or helped us in any other way. Thank you so much… Sorry if we forgot someone, but it’s been a looong tour and we are quite tired. Now it’s time for Asta to relax a bit until we are starting to play some festivals in Sweden. Skål! // Dadde, Ernie, Majk, Bonni and Sound guy

June 2nd Austin, TX

First gig at Chaos in Tejas fest. EMO´s was sold out and so hot. The venue is really good and the crowd was awesome. We made a really good gig, but the heat almost killed us. We met a lot of friends and had a really good time.


May 30th – June 2nd Phoenix – Grand Canyon and Denton, TX

After the Long Beach gig we were heading for Phoenix to play. There were hardly no people showing up in the squat but we did our job as usual and had a few drinks…as usual ;)

June 1st we had a day off for traveling towards Denton, Texas. A long drive through 3 states. On the way we made a stop at the Grand Canyon, and taht was just great to see. This morning we arrived to Texas and got pulled over by 2 police cars that searched both us and the van. We got away with a warning for a broken blinker light.

It´s so hot here and it was really nice to come to our motel rooms with AC and have a swim in the pool. Nice. Tonight we play at the venue called Rubber Glove in Denton with the Marked Men and a few other bands. Tomorrow we are heading for Austin and the last two gigs on this tour.

Gilman Street and LA

San Francisco. What a great city. To be honest, I’m not sure how big the difference are between SF and what is considered Berkley, but it was time to do a gig at the classic venue Gilman Street. A legendary venue where bands such as Rancid and Green day first started. It was Mat from the great band Monster Squad who put up the gig and it was a great crowd. I don’t think we will get used to the fact that we are here in America singing in Swedish and afterwards hearing what a big impact we have made. It’s just weird. But still fun. This gig was one of the best. We once again stayed with Nicole after the gig, but it was a more mellow night and I think everyone was asleep before 3! It was time to go to Los Angeles. This was really special to me, because I was gona met my sister Denise that I haven’t seen in a couple of months. Shes studying here, and we are really close. The gig was at the BLVRD, and it was fucking PACKED. So many people, and I don’t think we have had this much singalong at any gig in the US so far. The people was everywhere! It was great! Tonight we staying at my siser place, even if they are getting evicted in 2 weeks, but we try to stay as quiet as possible… Not sure if it’s working. We will see tomorrow when the neighbours calls;) // Dadde AK

Tourism in SF

Went out for som tourism in SF. On a land filling area by the shore there were some nice sculptures and good view over San Francisco. Then some shopping and a beer at a bar.

May 26th-27th San Francisco

Good gig at Sub-Mission and made encore as well. Vere excited crowd! Jello Biafra showed up, gave us some records and talked a lot. Nice guy! Tonight we will play at Gilman Street, Berkley. During the day we will do some tourism.

Jello and Asta Kask

May 27th San Francisco

Drove to SF and had some time to spend so we visited the Golden Gate bridge, did some shopping, had a burrito and now a cup of coffee before we will go to the venue called Sub-Mission and prepare for tonight´s gig. Tonight we are gonna sleep at a house that some nice person lend out. Tomorrow we will have almost the whole day off and the next gig is in Berkley just a few minutes driving from here.

25th of May Sacramento, CA

From Arcata it was a beautiful drive down to Sacramento. Mountains and beautiful landscapes. Some redwoods again. We looked for Big Foot and actually caught him on video!! Will post that later. Arriving at Sacramento early evening at the venue called Fire Escape – a typical rock bar. We made a really good show and the crowd was really good! A guy named Phil invited us to stay at his house just 30 minutes from Sacramento. There we could use the washer (most needed!), sleep and had a really good breakfast. His 16 months old kid called Mason was really interested of us. Cute! (that´s what Timmy said) Now we´re soon heading for San Fransisco for 2 shows in 2 days. Hopefully we can have some time for tourism. Over and out! /Ernie